Supa Thump App

Supa Thump

  • The classic thumper . . . Perfected.
  • Your accomplice can use any device (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • They can transmit vibration codes, images, text, MP3s, URLs
  • They can be anywhere in the world!


  • A magic app, so advanced...They never see your phone!?
  • SEE through their eyes (No matter where they are)
  • Use your own photos for unlimited possibilities.
  • They use their own device (smartphone, tablet, computer)
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iPredict Pro

  • The World's first professional magic app.
  • Customize the voice and text responses with endless possibilities.
  • Your Prediction, Your Voice, Your Phone Number!
  • The best way to leave your number with a potential client or the opposite sex ;-)


  • The World’s first and only customizable trick.
  • Comes with several amazing effects.
  • Anything you can draw can be your prediction.
  • Learn The Deepest Darkest Secret in Magic!
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iForce HD

  • The "Best Magic App" now available on iPad.
  • Supports the iPad Retina display for larger presentations.
  • The large display gives you more detailed predictions.

iPredict +

  • An impossible prediction from a borrowed cell phone.
  • Any card or number can be selected/named.
  • The secret happens on your phone, but the magic happens on their phone via call or text!
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  • Move your iPhone with your mind!
  • Once you leave the phone, you never touch it again, but you control exactly when it moves.
  • Make small objects fall off your iPhone.

Dead Magician

  • The scariest magic app.
  • Dead Magician reveals your card via call or text from beyond the grave!
  • They call/text on their phone.
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