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Move your iPhone with your MIND!

tele·ki·ne·sis - noun \ˌte-li-kə-ˈnē-səs\ : the production of motion in objects without contact.

For thousands of years Buddhist monks knew it.
Secret Russian schools taught it.
Underground Air-Force research proved it.
Science can't explain it . . . but IT'S REAL!

Now the power to move objects can be yours . . .

Bring out your iPhone.
Stand it on it's edge.
No Strings, No Magnets, No Wires . . . just you and your phone.

Step away from your phone to prove you're not attached.
Reach out your hand. Hold your breath. Concentrate.
Suddenly . . . unexplainably . . . your iPhone starts to MOVE!

First, just a little, barely noticeable. Then a bigger motion . . . and stop.

Exhale. Breathe. Lower your hand . . . . . . your mind exhausted from the intense exertion.

You pick up your iPhone and hand it out for examination.

iTelekinect features:
  • Super easy to do . . . perform one minute after downloading.
  • Video and written instructions are included.
  • Cause small objects (ring, coin, etc) to fall off your iPhone!
  • Everything looks completely real.
  • Once you leave your iPhone, you never touch it again, but you control exactly when it moves.
  • GREAT for freaking out your friends!

iTelekinect works on iPhone4, iPhone4S and iPhone5.
It does not work on iPod Touch or iPad.
Your phone will only move if it's not in a case, and is placed on a smooth surface.
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