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Rostami Magic tries its hand at wowing Macworld crowds

Another thing I wasn't expecting to see at Macworld/iWorld 2013: a magic show. But that's just what I got when visiting Rostami Magic's kiosk at Appalooza this week. The developer was showing of its suite of magic apps for iOS and, unsurprisingly, an expo like this made an excellent venue for showing what they can do. Read More

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Expo Notes: Rostami Magic puts a few tricks up your iPhone's sleeve

Not everything at the Macworld/iWorld show floor will amaze you. But the set of four iPhone apps on display at the Rostami Magic booth probably will—and maybe then entice you to spend some cash in the App Store. The apps let anyone perform magic tricks with their iOS devices. Read More

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The Neatest Gadgets & Apps from MacWorld

Bar tricks aside, who hasn’t tried their hand at a casual magic trick? Or failed to impress? Let the iPhone handle the tech and apps like iForce and iPredict+ handle the magic while making you look like the mentalist you know you aren’t. Read More

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Rostami Magic nos muestra sus aplicaciones “mágicas” en Macworld

Dentro de Macworld también hay lugar para la magia. Hoy hemos paseado por Appalooza, un amplio espacio destinado a dar a conocer aplicaciones de todo el mundo. Una de las propuestas que más ha llamado la atención de los visitantes ha sido la de Rostami Magic, que nos permite realizar todo tipo de trucos desde nuestros iPhones. Read More

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An iPhone and iPod Touch app that reads unsuspecting peoples minds as if by magic. For example, put your iPhone face down on a table, then ask someone what coin they're holding, before turning over your iPhone to reveal the mind reading skills of iForce. Read More

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How To Make Your iPhone Do Magic Tricks

Magic has moved from the purview of those with a knack for sleight of hand to those nimble at texting. But not all magicians are excited over the basics of their trade being passed on as easily as the download of an app. Read More

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The Magic Behind Rating Apps

Well, it turns out that the app, iForce, is a magic trick. There are lots of great magic-trick apps for the iPhone ... But this one is truly astonishing. Read More
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