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iForce on Google Play

"Absolutely Incredible! I just got this and already know it is the best app on my phone. You guys have out done yourself"

- Gordon Edmund

"Freaking excellent! Greg, you are awesome. This is one I will be using"

- Alec Negri

"Genius! Great gizmo. Been waiting for one of these for a long time. Greg has done a great job"

- Michael Clark

"Great app! A mentalist dream...what a weapon. Should only be in the hands of some one with a license to kill! Greg, YOU ARE THE NEW Q"

- George Bellefeuille

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The classic thumper . . . Perfected.

The most powerful utility in magic is now ALWAYS with you.

Since the invention of radio, magicians have used "Thumpers" to wirelessly receive information from an accomplice.

These expensive electronic devices are not customizable, limited in range and can only "thump" very limited information.

That's all about to change . . .

Imagine a thumper that you always have with you (since it's your iPhone or Android device). 
The transmitter can be ANY device that can connect to the internet (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Here's a small sample of the effects that you'll do with Supa Thump:
Ask a friend (your accomplice) to go to a website on their device and transmit to you . . .

Tell your audience you can FEEL money. Put your hand behind your back and ask them to hand you any bill. You'll know which bill they handed you, without ever seeing it!

Demonstrate your super vision by reading the last four digits of the bill's serial number, even though it's 20 feet away! 

Have them remove a card from a shuffled, borrowed deck and show it around (you NEVER touch the cards) . . . with your back turned, you'll KNOW their card!!

Ask them if they can guess which of the standard apps you're running on your phone. Leave your phone face down on the table. They say "calculator", they flip over the phone and discover that you were running the calculator!

Tell them you're looking at a video of a classic rock star on YouTube. Leave your phone face down. 
They name a rock star, THEY flip over the phone and see that you're in the YouTube app playing a video of THEIR rock star. (It's the REAL YouTube app)!!

Have them open a web browser on their device. Without them looking, do a Google search for an actor. Tell them you'll telepathically inject your chosen actor into their mind. They name an actor, THEY flip over their device and find their actor in the REAL Google search (no voice recognition)!!!

Features of Supa Thump:
  • So easy that you'll be doing it instantly.
  • When performing, once you launch Supa Thump, you never touch it again.
  • Your accomplice can be anywhere in the world. If they can access the internet (3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, etc) it'll work.
  • They can use ANY device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc).
  • There's no limit to how many devices are transmitters and receivers.
  • The transmitter gets a visual and a vibration feedback signaling your accomplice that you received the thump.
  • There's no limit to the number of variables that can be thumped.
  • Perform completely surrounded.
  • Seven presets are included. (Basic, Grid, Swipe, List, Cards, Money, Examples)
  • Create as many presets as you like for your own unique effects.

You can thump: 
Any vibration code 
Any image online 
Text to speech 
Any MP3 sound online 
Any URL (website)

It can thump all of the above AT THE SAME TIME!

Get ready to move your magic to the miracle level. Download Supa Thump today.

PLEASE NOTE . . . The TV performance rights for Supa Thump belong to Rostami Magic and Grigor Rostami. If you'd like to perform it on TV, please email:
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